Sunday, July 10

A mere four updates

First: Thanks Sean. Sean came over today to help me with my blog design. Don't judge his work by the look of my site design, but by the structure and HTML. I will be working on it over the next few days before I head to Cape Cod to visit Marcus for a guys weekend of fishing, drinking, trash talk and lest i forget, tetherball! yeah!

Second: We got our first vegetable yeild today. Yep, a yellow squash showed itself today throught the great vines of foliage. Look at it's yellow brilliance, would you!

Third: We went to see War of the Worlds last night. Good show! The theatrics were amazing, and the special effects were suprisingly real-life like. If anyone out there has read the book, then you know how it ends, but even knowing the ending, the show was not TOO predictable. Check it out.

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