Friday, June 3

Memorial Day B B Q

We had a BBQ last sunday. I have just been too busy to tell you all about it. Anyway, it was a good time. The weather on Saturday, as most of you know, was simply gorgeous, with the high of 80, perfect sun, wind out of the north at just 7 mph, and humidity at a skin scratchy 11%. Then comes Sunday. We awoke to overcast skies, the wind had picked up and we had scattered rain downpours all evening. But people still showed up and it was fun. We had gone to Cosco ( i know, i know) the day before and stocked up on beer and burgers and chicken/turkey brats....oh, and cheetohs! The cheetohs were the hit. I think everyone likes them, they just never eat them so the extra-large bag went fast. I dumbster-dived a table from down the street, one of those long ice-cream social tables, fixed the legs and then we went to Linens-n-Things and got a pretty stiped cloth tablecloth and presto, and perfect entertaining table. I rigged up the iPod with my computer speaker system, subwoofer and two satellite speakers which got more compliments than then free booze! All in all it was a good party. Thanks to everyone that braved the weather. Oh, one more thing. To all my East Coast fans. I was telling Christy that if we lived there, no one would have called to see if we were still having the party just cuz of some overcast skies.....sheesh!
Here's a pic of Walmer, his lovely wife Jenny, and your's truly.

See more pics here.

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