Friday, June 3

New Fence

So a few weeks ago, we had the landscaper dudes come and edge the sidewalks. I love the new edges, they are so clean and fresh, and they make the walks look healthier, if walks CAN look healthier. Anyway, i digress. So then they start talking, in broken English, that If i needed any other work done, they do landscaping. I told them we want to put up a privacy fence and a new flagstone patio. They said, they do it. So anyway, three weeks later, we have our new fence. And a parking spot in the back next to the garage for the Tacoma. These guys do not waste any time. They showed up Monday morning, all 5 brothers, and a few offspring, and started pulling out the chainlink posts and fence. By the time it started raining, at 3, they had the entire fence AND the old clotheline posts removed. Tuesday they showed up at 5:30pm and started on the new fence. They got all the post holes dug, and posts installed with cement. Then Wednesday they got halfway through putting on the slats on, finishing up last night except for the door. Looks awesome, only I don't deal well with certain change, and this is a certain big change. I think once some shrubs and other plants go in, it will soften the high walls surrounding the "estate." I highly recommend these guys if you need a fence. Here are before and after pics with a link to the full coverage.


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