Thursday, December 3

Help: Help Portrait

Hello readers.
I am just the worst blogger lately and I apologize.
BUT if you happen to stop by here, I have a favor:

I am involved in a unique group movement called Help-Portrait

Their mission is simple: To Give Away Portraits To Those In Need.

We need your help in the form of AA Batteries and Socks ( Cotton or cotton/wool blend).

The Denver Help Portait Group will be gathering together on 12/12/2009 at the St. Francis Center, 2323 Curtis Street.

St. Francis Center is a center for the homeless.
This center has services for 500-700 homeless individuals, both men and women that they provide daily.

On December 12, setting up at 9am and planning to be on site until 6pm the Denver Group will be on site to offer hair/make-up and portraiture, we will provide a finished 4X6 image to anyone who presents that day and wants their image captured. Final details are still being made. As a good will gesture, we will also be bringing men's socks to the center as the Executive Director has indicated as one of their largest needs. We met on Tuesday 12/1 and I will be posting that data as well as sending out to the core group the notes of the day. I am actually out of my office until this evening and will be returning to Denver tonight and could forward more detailed information at that time. All of this is being provided by those volunteers to the Denver Group and any donated goods and items by outside companies willing to help.

Please send me an email or comment here and let me know, by Tuesday, Dec. 8th if you can help.


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