Friday, November 21

125 Christmas Music Albums...and counting

Every year, I take note (and pride) in my collection of Christmas Music Holiday Albums. I have a wide range from the classics to the "new." Starbucks puts out a Christmas album compilation every year, so does/did Crabtree and Evelyn, Pottery Barn, Victorias Secret, Old Navy, and well, the Now THAT's What I Call Christmas series. I have most of them.

The tradition/sickness/addiction started about 1999 when I finally realized that you could "find" Christmas music that was not as easily accessible in music stores. ITunes had not even been invented yet, so you had to do some online digging. I had grown up with the classics but had heard a few "new" Christmas renditions on the radio. I thought, well, if Run DMC can have a song, then I bet there are more. BOY was I right. I think I even remember the first search I did, what I found, and how excited I was.

I grew up listening to the Andy Williams Christmas Album. My mom would play the vinyl every Christmas Eve while we got to open one present. The album would play through the holiday until probably New Years Eve. That and Jesus Christ Superstar which is still her favorite. I actually replenished her copy of the vinyl with a remastered copy from iTunes.

Nowadays I use iTunes, Amazon, and to add to my collection. Most of what I own has been purchased too. FYI.

Here is my list to date. I have added a few in recent days that have brought my total to 124. I am waiting on a few more to show up as well but since I do not have them in my possession yet, I will not post them.

If you have others that are on your favorite list, whether it be classic or new, please let me know.

  1. Absolute Christmas
  2. Alternative Rock Xmas
  3. Andy Williams Christmas Album
  4. The New Andy Williams Christmas Album
  5. Andy Williams - Songs for Christmas
  6. Banana Republic-The Most Wonderful Songs of the year sung by the best/holiday 2002
  7. Beatles Christmas
  8. Bing Crosby Christmas
  9. Borders Christmas Hits
  10. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  11. Peggy Lee Christmas
  12. A Christmas Album
  13. Christmas Book
  14. Christmas Cabaret
  15. Christmas Carousel
  16. Christmas Classics - Bing Crosby
  17. Christmas Classics - Various Artists
  18. Christmas Collection
  19. A Christmas Festival
  20. Christmas Interpretations
  21. Christmas Sing In
  22. Christmas Sing In
  23. Christmas With A Kick
  24. Christmas With Carnie
  25. Christmas With Johnny Cash
  26. Christmas With The Kranks
  27. Christmas With The Rat Pack
  28. Classical Christmas - Classical Interpretations of Christmas Favorites
  29. Cool Yule in the Rockies
  30. Darkness Christmas
  31. Dave's Christmas Roadtrip
  32. The Doris Day Christmas Album
  33. Dr. Seuss-How The Grinch Stole
  34. Elf Music From The Major Motion Picture
  35. Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas
  36. Fruitcake
  37. Funky Christmas
  38. Gather Round: Songs for Kids and Other Folks
  39. Go Tell It On The Mountain - Blind Boys of Alabama
  40. The Greatest Christmas Show On Earth (Disc 1)
  41. The Greatest Christmas Show On Earth (Disc 2)
  42. Green Days of Christmas
  43. Happy Holi-Dee
  44. Hi-Fidelity Holiday
  45. Pottery Barn - Hip Holidays - Vol. I
  46. Pottery Barn - Hip Holidays - Vol. 2
  47. Pottery Barn - Hip Holidays - Vol. 3
  48. A Holiday Journey
  49. The Holiday Tribute to AC/DC
  50. Home Alone Christmas
  51. Home for Christmas
  52. Iliad Holiday Disc 08 Christmas Classics
  53. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  54. In the Swing of Christmas
  55. Irving Berlin's White Christmas
  56. Joy A Holiday Collection
  57. Joy A Holiday Collection
  58. Ledisi - It's Christmas
  59. Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer
  60. Lies, Sissies, & Fiascoes: Part II-We Wept
  61. Love's Holiday "A Gospel Christmas"
  62. Maluhia
  63. Maybe This Christmas
  64. Maybe This Christmas Too?
  65. Maybe This Christmas Tree
  66. Memories of a Winter's Night
  67. Merry Axemas - A Guitar Christmas
  68. Merry Axemas Volume 2
  69. Merry Christmas - Starlight Orchestra (Disc 1)
  70. Merry Christmas - Starlight Orchestra (Disc 2)
  71. Merry Christmas - Various Artists (Disc 3)
  72. Merry X-Mas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad
  73. The Messiah
  74. Mistletoe and Merriment
  75. Mob Hits Christmas
  76. Monster Ballads Xmas
  77. The Most Fabulous Classical Christmas Album Ever
  78. MTV TRL Christmas
  79. Music for the Millennium
  80. My Kind Of Christmas
  81. Nat King Cole Christmas Album
  82. New Orleans Christmas
  83. Josh Groban - Noel
  84. Crabtree & Evelyn - Noel
  85. NOW That's What I Call Christmas (Disc 1)
  86. NOW That's What I Call Christmas (Disc 2)
  87. NOW That's What I Call Christmas 2 (Disc 1)
  88. NOW That's What I Call Christmas 2 (Disc 2)
  89. The Nutcracker
  90. Old Navy Holiday Hits
  91. The Perfect Christmas - Be Merry
  92. The Perfect Christmas (Disc 1)
  93. Platinum Christmas
  94. Pottery Barn - Hip Holidays - Vol II
  95. Punk Rock Xmas
  96. A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas
  97. A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas 2
  98. Rockabye Baby!: Lullaby Renditions Of Christmas Rock Classics
  99. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  100. Sacred Christmas Music
  101. Santa Baby
  102. Silent Night
  103. Smashed for the Holidays
  104. Starbucks - A Merry Affair
  105. Starbucks Hi-Fidelity Holiday
  106. Stereo Percussion De Noel
  107. Starbucks - Stockings By The Fire
  108. Taste of Christmas
  109. SueƱo
  110. Think Global: World Christmas
  111. The Voices of Christmas
  112. The Ultimate White Christmas
  113. Ultra-Lounge: Christmas Cocktails, Part One
  114. A Very Special Acoustic Christmas
  115. A Very Special Christmas 1
  116. A Very Special Christmas 2
  117. A Very Special Christmas 3
  118. A Very Special Christmas 5
  119. Victoria's Secret - Christmas Eve
  120. Victoria's Secret - Christmas Morning
  121. Windham Hill Holiday Guitar Collection
  122. Winter Themes for Winter Days
  123. 8 Days of Christmas
  124. 45 Songs Of Christmas (Disc 1)
  125. 45 Songs Of Christmas (Disc 2)


painterjoy said...

WOW! Very impressive! I'm jealous!

saffry said...

My favorite childhood album was John Denver & the Muppets, a Christmas together. Unfortunately, there's a version of the album that's missing three songs. I now have two copies of that adulterated disc, but still don't have one with the song "Little St. Nick" by Dr. Tooth and the Electric Mayehm. What is the point of putting out that album without the best song?

kknola said...


i came across your blog while trying to find pottery barn hip holidays 2. it doesn't seem to be available at all. would you mind posting the song list from that cd?


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