Wednesday, November 5

A Sea of Blue

We are celebrating over here at Gannon headquarters and we will be for some time.
I think this election of Barack Obama will put us in much better alliance with other countries.

Our world is in desperate need of change and your country elected to do just that. Some states, including the one I live in today, Colorado, has swung to a BLUE state, as well as, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, Iowa and Ohio.

Even if you did not vote for Obama, I hope that you can see that this is a good thing for our country. It is now fresh, not stale.
And if you cannot, well, that is just sad.

Well, so many thoughts are running through my head today.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • Dear Hadley, last night you witnessed history.

  • How you like me now?

  • There you have it.

  • I told you so.

  • Congrats Obama.

  • Sorry McCain.

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