Friday, October 10

Take on Me: Literally.

Oh the 80's.
You might remember this video, but not actually THIS version.


K*Funk said...

This was the first "album" (tape!) I ever bought, in 7th grade!!! I saw some sort of 'behind the music' type thing on this song the other day and I never realized it wasn't in English - !?!?! except for a few key words. Weird! LOVED the video.
So any crawling signs with Hadley yet? I saw your comment to me. MJ has always been pretty content on her tummy but she used to just lay her head down when she got bored. Now it's up on all fours, rearing to go. Who knew? Trust me, I'm not encouraging the crawling.. it scares me! Standing is easier cause it's usually on our laps!

K*Funk said...

p.s. I couldn't get the video to load!

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