Thursday, October 9

It's that time again: Pumpkin Beer(s)

Every year I look forward to Fall for many reasons:

  • Gloomy, chilly weather

  • Gorgeous colorful trees

  • Pumpkin beer

  • Thoughts of New England

  • Excellent running weather

  • Snuggling with my ladies

  • Corduroy

  • Octoberfest beer

  • Wool sweaters

This year I have tried four "pumpkin" beers.

All of these ales have their own unique taste. Some have a more pronounced pumpkin flavor than others. My two favorites thus far are the Lakefront and Shipyard, but the Sam Adams has been growing on me. I have not tried the Buffalo Bills but when I do, I will post more photos and review.

If you are looking for a refreshing, seasonal beer to replace your normal Bud, or Coors, you might like these. If you do not want a strong pumpkin taste, I recommend the Sam Adams Octoberfest or the Blue Moon's Pumpkin Ale.


Eddo said...

I'm a big fan of the Sam Adams Oktoberfest. It is everything you could want in a beer. It's tasty without being too bitter and even though I like a wide variety of beers, I like the smoothness of this one. It's awesome. I only recently had it and immediately it went to the top of my list.

Jennifer In Oregon said...

Damn I just gave all my corduroy to Good Will - did it make a come back???

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