Sunday, June 15

Happy Father's Day

Well, today is my first Father's Day. I am excited to see what the day has in store OR what my WIFE has in store for me.

Being a father means:

  1. No more late nights

  2. Many early mornings

  3. More tears of joy than ever before

  4. You now love TWO people more than you love yourself

  5. You can't just bail on a job because you "don't like it" - well, you could but....

  6. You instantly have new Dad friends

  7. You say the word DAD a LOT more

  8. Who's Your Daddy has a completely different meaning

  9. You might just get breakfast in bed

I will repost later tonight when I have been through the day.
If you are a new father, or old- Happy Day!


painterjoy said...

Happy Father's Day!!!

I know Christy has a very special day planned for you!

Display Name Here said...

I left this on Christy's blog but felt the need to copy comment on your blog. Any man who gets up in the middle of the night and changes diapers and feeds his daughter so his wife can sleep gets my vote for father and husband of the year.
Happy Father’s day SIL


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