Monday, June 16

Father's Day on the Patio

Look at this kick butt Father's Day pic. French toast, coffee, and the coolest t-shirt ever. iDad! We had a great day starting with breakfast, then Student Art Fair, naps, and dinner on the patio. Thanks Fam for the great day.


painterjoy said...

Nice! Hadley looks so freakin' adorable in her little seat! Love the t-shirt, huge coffee mugs, and the empty bottle of maple syrup. Ours never stays full too long either!
Sounds like a great day!

painterjoy said...

Oh! And you guys look adorable too!!! What a gorgeous family!

davegannon said...

wow, joy, good eyes with the empty maple syrup bottle. BUT, can you see the BIG NEW FULL BOTTLE close to me? You are so sweet. I cannot wait for our two babies to finally meet...esp. when HE comes.

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