Wednesday, June 4

Denver Residents: You can't save rain water

Go figure!

Yes, the water laws prevent us from saving rain water for irrigation of our plants and gardens. You can read the full details at the Denver Water's website - but beware it is done in dreaded frames so you will have to search under conservation, FAQ, or read on for the actual link.

But to confirm, Denver residents cannot save rain water for watering of plants or gardens or anything. You CAN save your shower water, but not if it has touched you. You can stick a bucket in the shower to capture the water while you wait for it to heat up. You may only use water ONCE. It is the property of Colorado. NOT YOU.

This is just absurd to me. They give the following example: If 80,000 people saved 100 gallons.....YEAH RIGHT! How many people do you know that conserve like that? Ha! So anyway, read about not saving rain water. Now I must got take a shower and save the water in a bucket before it hits my skin.


Cory Grunkemeyer said...

I can't believe that! Come one Denver, do you really think that so many people would create grey water systems that it would affect the waste water treatment plant. Great post Dave.

painterjoy said...

I would have thought you were joking...but one can never underestimate bureaucracy. What would happen to you if you save the rainwater and then (gasp!) watered your lawn with it? Are they afraid of all the money they would lose if your water was free from the sky? I guess they haven't yet figured a way to tax the rain.

On the subject. Mark and I are always talking about how here in the Burbank desert, folks insist on having lawns and so much landscaping that requires so much water. I even see people using their hoses to spray away the leaves into the street. I don't think anyone here would even recognize a rake. It all gets me so frustrated!

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