Tuesday, April 22

Happy Earth Day

What are YOU doing to help save?

Other than the obvious, we:

  • Replaced all lightbulbs with CFLs

  • Are purchasing an electric, cordless lawn mower next week

  • Switched to low flow showerheads

  • COMPOST everything we can.

  • Recycle

  • Fill gas tanks at night

  • Bring ALL of our own grocery bags and Target shopping

  • Telecommute and public transportation (light rail)

  • Buy Local
  • and more!

    Remember, it's not JUST yours™!


Judy said...

We try to use glass left over jars instead of buying more plastic

saffry said...

We're doing some of the obvious, though we need to do more. Plans for more include using seedsavers.org for our flower/veggie seeds. Trying to replace the oil furnace with a geo-thermal heat pump. And convincing Dan that he wants to use waste oil from the restaurant fryer to run his car.

AllBeehive said...

You forgot: saving the flush, not running water when brushing teeth, eating closer to the food chain, and turning off lights when we leave the room.

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