Monday, April 21

Day 11: Hadley just needs to swallow, suck

We are now on day 11 in the hospital. The docs and nurses just made their rounds and concluded that we will be here for a few more days. The average stay for an infant with botulism who got the BabyBIG serum is 2.2 weeks. We would just like to be out no later than her 5 month birthday-in 6 days. We have had amazing nurses and doctors. We have tried to keep track of all of them and will hopefully list them later on. That's it for now. Need a nap.


Judy said...

I am praying that you can go home this week too. that will be so wonderful

Mark Kamerzel said...

So many prayers are being said for Hadley's recovery and to give the both of you strength and patience through this ordeal.

Always thinking of you all,

Mark K.

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