Monday, February 18

Goodbye HD DVD, Hello BLU-RAY

Toshiba to announce the DEATH of HD DVD much sooner than expected.

We knew it was coming, but not THIS soon. I feel sorry for the poor souls that gave their hard-earned cash to HD DVD.

Was it Netfllix's announcement of the discontinuation of carrying HD DVDs in their library, OR

Best Buy's call to stop promoting HD DVDs in their ads and in-store promos and displays, OR

was it the technology itself?

I think it's funny now that the death of Beta to VHS was attributed to the porn industries adoption of the latter format. But today, in 2008, porn had nothing to do with it. 

OR WHAT? I would love to hear opinions.

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painterjoy said...

Our DVD player crapped out a few months ago so we bought a HD DVD player, and now we feel so jipped. And pissed. We had to get a player anyway, and it makes the old DVDs look so much better anyway. I guess we will hang on to this one to get some moneys worth, until forced to get the BlueRay. Will we have to go out and buy all our favorite movies in Blueray now? We were still upgrading some things from VHS!

I am curious as to how much corporate dealing was done. Did the BR people just have a better sales and marketing? Did they do anything underhanded to bring everyone to their side? Maybe they are backed by some mega-conglomerate. Whatever. I would just like BlueRay to give us the $200 we dropped on a HD player.

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