Thursday, February 14

Denver's cool because?

  • Denver is the 4th-greediest city in America?
  • California still #1 “exporter” of newcomers to Colorado.
  • Denver called #1 travel destination for 2008.
  • Denver and Colorado job growth beats national average for 2007.
  • Perception is everything – 61% believe we’re already in a recession.
  • 2007 inflation highest in 17 years.
  • Colorado venture capital and M&A activity strong.
  • Early recovery?  Some Denver real estate factors bucking national trends.
  • National retailers missing sales forecasts – badly.
  • Southwest Airlines proclaims Denver its fastest-growing city.
  • End of the gold rush?  Colorado’s last gold mining operation sold.
  • Advertising inserts now ranked as the most influential ad medium.
  • Wal-Mart cuts nearly 1,000 magazine titles.
  • Digital TV conversion no boon for cable and satellite.
  • Online ad market to double by 2011.
  • Newspaper web site visitors at all-time high.

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