Thursday, December 13

Home Alone

This is my All Time favorite holiday movie.

This movie started it all for me, with holiday movies. I remember back in the early 90's I would order a cheese pizza from Dominos ( I know) and sit and watch this over and over.

I guess what I like about this movie is the staging and sets. They use dark rich reds and greens, timeless clothing, and the house. The house is amazing. True, I could do without the wallpaper but in the 90's that was a sign of wealth and taste, so you have to accept it is a positive aspect of the movie.
I also love the final snow scene on Christmas Day when Kevin wakes up and thinks he hears his mom, but she is not there. He runs to the front door and opens it to the most gorgeous snowfall. Everything is covered in fluffy snowy white, and all is quiet and overcast in the neighborhood.
This movie shows the true spirit of Christmas and also the colors and light displays that make the holiday so special.
Favorite Scene: I love the ending where Kevin takes down the thieves, but another scene that intrigues me every time I watch when Kevin goes to church and meets the "South Bend Shovel Slayer." He has his "lesson" talk and then leaves to go home to wait for the criminals. Kevin sits down at the table to enjoy his delicious microwavable meal, and the clock chimes 9 o'clock and it's time for action. Go Kevin!

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painterjoy said...

You have inspired me, Dave. I have not seen Home alone since it was released in the theatres. I remember really liking it at the time.

Tops on my list is Christmas Story ans It's A Wonderful Life. Oh, and Elf!

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