Friday, December 14

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

This is my Second favorite holiday movie.

Home Alone II takes place a year later. Poor Kevin is not left behind this year, rather he takes the wrong plane after getting separated from his dad while is a flurry to catch the family's departing plane to Miami. Yuck. Who would ever want to spend Christmas in Miami anyway? Like Kevin says in the movie "Why do we have to go to Florida? There are no Christmas trees in Florida. How can you have Christmas without Christmas trees?" That pretty much sums it up.
The best part of this show is the set--New York City, baby! They highlight Rockefeller Center, many other sites of NYC and especially the spirit that invades the city during the holiday. They must have shot this during the peak of the season. Can you imagine the filming dilemmas they must have had?
Favorite Scene: First and foremost, I think what keeps me coming back to these movies is the "kevin's plan" to take down the thieves at the end of each movie. But aside from this, I like the scene where Kevin is in the toy store paying for is items and talks to the owner. The turtle doves that the man gives him and explanation of the meaning of the two doves is very touching. Happy viewing.

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painterjoy said...

I am always cautious of sequels. It is usually the same jokes and gags as the first one, with weaker plots and acting.

I might need a little more convincing on this one...

I admire your bravery in putting Home Alone 2 on your list, with all the teasing you might get. hee-hee. So I am trying to think of movies that I love that others might scoff at me for liking.

And I agree with the statement about Christmas trees. There arent' any Christmas trees in LA. But folks put lights on the palm trees.

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