Monday, October 15

Seven, Wet, and 9:10 minute Mile

It was the Denver Marathon Relay yesterday. It was raining, it was 43 degrees, it was 7.1 miles, and it was awesome! It was by far my best race. I averaged a 9 minute mile and the race was easy until the last .5. And that is all mental. I am convinced that these races, no matter the distance, is all mental. You just have to psych yourself out. It rained all day. I was the 4th and last leg of the relay team. My team consisted of Mike, Sam, another Mike, then me. Having never done a relay, I did not know what to expect or how to really do it, but it made sense one i showed up. I peed like, 4 times before I took the "wand" from mike, more like a computer chip thingy. It kicked ass. My leg started in Wash Park and ended at the end of the race in Civic Center Park. Wish I had a picture. I think now I just need to go shopping for some better running clothes.


K*Funk said...

Congrats on your run!!! That's awesome! Sounds like it was fun :)

If you want to read a long, drawn-out running story, read my blog about running the Boulder Bolder from back in May.... I captured every step so you can feel like you were running it right there with me- blood, sweat, tears, & all! ha

The twist of the story is that I was actually preggers back then & didn't know it yet.... I think that explains why I missed my goal time!

K*Funk said...

Oh- so I just checked & the posting from it is actually in June. Well, there's one in May but the "real" one is in June-- the "I came, I saw, I almost puked" one...

You don't need to post this, I just wanted to clarify in case you went looking for it... :)


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