Monday, October 15

Seven, Wet, and 9:10 minute Mile

It was the Denver Marathon Relay yesterday. It was raining, it was 43 degrees, it was 7.1 miles, and it was awesome! Having never done a relay, I didn't know what to expect or how to really do it, but it made sense one I showed up. It was by far my best race. I averaged a nine-minute mile and the race was easy until the last .5. And that was all mental. I am convinced that these races, no matter the distance, is all mental. You just have to psych yourself out. It rained all day. I was the 4th and last leg of the relay team. My team consisted of Mike, Sam, another Mike, and me. I had to pee four times before I took the "wand" -more like a computer chip thingy - from Mike. My leg of the race started in Wash Park and ended at the finish line in Civic Center Park. Wish I had a picture. I think now I just need to go shopping for some better running clothes.


K*Funk said...

Congrats on your run!!! That's awesome! Sounds like it was fun :)

If you want to read a long, drawn-out running story, read my blog about running the Boulder Bolder from back in May.... I captured every step so you can feel like you were running it right there with me- blood, sweat, tears, & all! ha

The twist of the story is that I was actually preggers back then & didn't know it yet.... I think that explains why I missed my goal time!

K*Funk said...

Oh- so I just checked & the posting from it is actually in June. Well, there's one in May but the "real" one is in June-- the "I came, I saw, I almost puked" one...

You don't need to post this, I just wanted to clarify in case you went looking for it... :)


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