Thursday, October 11

Ah, the smell of the car heater, how it ushers in fall

Have you experienced this before? Every fall? I love it when you get into your car in the early morning hours, and there is a chill in the air. The first time you turn on the heater and there it is. That smell. I love it. It is just another pleasant reminder that fall is here.

Today I drove to work because I am going to be running the ING marathon relay this weekend and need to meet with my team...for the first time. We are doing a 3-6 mile run and then eating spaghetti. I am doing the last leg of the the marathon which is 7.1 miles. Should be interesting, given it is the morning after our housewarming party.


K*Funk said...

Hey Dave! Just thought I'd say hi. This is Kristin. Jinnie gave me your blog link so I could see the Bloom vid, with Christy's tummy. That was sooo cute! I like your blog and stories. Congrats about the baby-on-the-way, by the way!! So exciting!! Also, I'm curious about the new radiohead album- how is it? I have a blog too which you can check out but it's not nearly as exciting as yours :)

K*Funk said...

Hey again! Yes, I am indeed preggers too. Babies everywhere!! I didn't know if you already knew. I just read Christy's blog about your babymoon & I'll have to plant some seeds in Todd's mind, hahaha. So clever, with the little hints on the computer, I love it! You guys are a blog couple you know. Too cute...! :)
Btw I agree about the onset of fall... it's the little things.... fun!

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