Wednesday, October 3

New Radiohead CD- In Rainbows

I just downloaded, well, sort of, the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows from their website. It actually does not come out until October 10, but I purchased it early so that the servers would not crash, however, they are having a few problems according to their website. But why wouldn't they? They are bucking the system and bypassing major record labels and offering their new CD up for grabs at any price their fans wish to pay. It turns out that most fans, not me, are paying over the standard album download price of $10.00. I figured I am not a huge fan, growing, but not huge yet, and since it is offered at any price, I figured I would save a few bucks and pay £ 6.15. You can use a currency converter here to find out how much this is, OR to price your own CD. Way to go Radiohead!

Here is a fact about what record companies and the artists make per sale of a CD.
A band can expect an average of $1.00 in royalties for each full-priced ($16.98) CD sold through normal retail channels.

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