Tuesday, October 2

GO ROCKIES! 9 - 8 over there Padres!

We are going to the playoffs. I know, I know....

So here is how the night went down in the Gannon household.
I was on the computer doing some freelance. It was about 7:30 and so I decided to see how the game was going ( which I never, ever do), and the score was 5-5. ESPN has this cool "live" animated GUI system that shows the game in "real time" which I think must be at least a 30 sec. delay but you still feel the excitement and anticipation. So I keep watching and working and then Christy says she found the game on TV. Since we do not watch sports, I have not seen sports on our new TV, so I thought it would be cool to check it out on the 42". After 5 minutes Christy couldn't take the pressure and went to read a book. I watched until the 12th inning and finally yelled up to her that we could watch Heroes. She came downstairs, and between DVR commercials, we would switch back to the game. Well, the Padres had scored two runs so I figured they Rockies were done. The next commercial comes and we switch over to the game, and WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT, the Rockies came back and won 9-8.

There were a few controversial plays, but then again, THAT is what makes baseball, baseball. We are stoked. Well, as stoked as two non-sports fans can be.

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saffry said...

Sox v Rockies in the World Series? Here's hoping!

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