Wednesday, August 1

Sad but true. Murdoch takes over Wall Street Journal

I know this sounds a bit dramatic, but a piece of me is gone for now with the sale of the Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones, to Rupert (obviously heavily right-leaning) Murdoch of News Corp. ( try this link if the wsj doesn't work)

For years I have read the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) while on vacation -eagerly picking one up at the airport bookstore. And for the past two years, I have been a WSJ subscriber.

I read it every morning to and from work on the train. I love it. But this all could change. I am not saying it WILL, I just have a suspicion that it could.

But maybe that is not such a bad thing. News Corp. has deep pockets that could increase technologies which would enhance their website and enable the WSJ to focus on other business aspects, but....

I am a pessimist. I just renewed my subscription for two years, which, by the way, was discounted to half price just this month. This leads me to believe they are worried of losing valuable, long-time readers. Alas, I will continue to read and hope that the ink does not start running off the right-hand pages for if it does, this reader slash subscriber is outta here, going back to the beloved New York Times.

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