Monday, July 30

(Mostly) Organic Sazza Restaurant

On Saturday night, Christy and I were out looking for plant stands for our 4 new plants. Now that we have a house with many empty corners, we can begin stocking our house with oxygen-loving, air-cleaning plants. So off to every single homegoods store we could think of, the last stop being TJ Max Home store. That place has everything, everything BUT decent plant stands. So, instead, we decided to eat dinner. The third time out that day. Across the parking lot was this place at the end of a strip mall called Sazza. If you live in the Denver area, you must go try this unique/earthy place.

Upon entering this fun, unique eatery, you notice a fresh/tangy scent - not what you would ordinarily smell in a pizza house. I tried to pinpoint it but could not - I am not sure if they had something burning (like essential oils) but it smelled very fresh and clean. Also at the order counter were two large boxes with signs that asked for your donations of spoons, knives and forks. The other box was asking for small and medium only, clean, untattered, unsoiled t-shirts. Not sure what those were for, but the flatware was being used in the restaurant, as both Christy and my silverware was mismatched. I love that idea.

The big collage of artwork on their homepage is featured on the wall in their restaurant as well.

The service was casual but attentive, and we ordered the spinach pizza and had two side salads which were filled with local greens, pine nuts and raisins.

On the outdoor patio next to us were 4 wooden garden boxes with herbs growing in them, basil, thyme, and rosemary which I assume they are using in their organic, local dishes, but maybe not.

It is a local joint with only one spot so far. I highly doubt this will be the only location in the near future.

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