Friday, July 6

Transformers J.J. Abrams' Mystery Trailer

If you saw the Transformers movie this weekend, you saw the mystery trailer for a new movie by J.J. Abrams. (Lost, Alias, Felicity)
Here it is by someone who filmed it at the movie. Looks freaky and very scary. Like someone said " it's Blair Witch meets Godzilla". Check it out


painterjoy said...


I did see that trailer! Everyone in the theatre was 'huh?' 'what the..'

Funny, I don't even remember the actual trailer, but I remember it looked interesting and that I don't know the title.

Transformers was okay. I am not crazy about Michael Bay.

And I am sick of movies where everyone looks like a CK model.

saffry said...

The internet police clamped down on your link, but I found a badly pirated version elsewhere. Freaky. And sooooooooo J.J. Abrams.

painterjoy said...

Mark said that he heard that it is an adaptation of a JP Lovecraft story. Very cool.

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