Monday, July 9

Getting de-attached to my spare tire

A few days ago, I took the day off work. I had big plans for the day like waking up, going for a run, planting trees and shrubs and finally, watching a few movies that no one else likes. What I ended up doing was the exact opposite, just like George did on Seinfeld. One of those opposites included getting a manicure. Christy wanted to get a pedicure so asked me along. I do not feel I need to apologize or justify getting a nail job because, hey, how can it be unmanly to get something that has the word MAN in it like MANicure. While there, under the nail dryer, I was reading an article about the bad fat in your body and how unhealthy your gut fat (ie. spare tire) is for you. It is the worst place to have fat and also the easiest place to gain it. They had a chart and explanation of the best way to fix your spare tire. It read pretty easy and also made me feel better b/c it was almost the same routine as I have been following. If you are juggling with this spare tire syndrome, you might want to take a look. Now, I think I need another piece of cake.

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