Tuesday, July 17


Mrs. and Mr. Gannon at Lewis and Clark Lake

This past Friday, I went back home to celebrate my Dad's birthday. It was a fun trip. 8.5 hours of non-stop seed-spitting, truck stop coffee drinking, iPod blaring, introspective analysis, and windshield bug-slaying. Also, another thing I treasured on my trip was podcasts. I really found the benefit of these "new" audio creations, especially two of them.

These two podcasts, ok, three, because I listened to NPR's Driveway Moments as well, truly made the trip fly by. It is amazing once you get hooked on a story or lecture how many miles you can cover without realizing it. Kinda scary when you think about it...."wait, how long was I just listening- I don't even remember passing my favorite Dairy Queen?"

Happy Birthday, Dad

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saffry said...

I love NPR on roadtrips. We had a box set of Lake Woebegone days that we used to listen to all the time.

Although I still have a traumatic memory of listening to a long story on the making of the Titanic Movie while on the road, and the constant sound of running water was not good when there were no rest stops in sight.

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