Friday, June 1

Oops, I did it again!

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Every Spring, just as the excitement of new lawn projects, house work, and everyday cleaning hits, I go and do something to set myself back around a month. This Spring was no exception. First, let me share with you what I did two Springs ago. Ok, so actually last Spring I did NOT set myself back, but it feels like I did. SO last night I was putting the finishing touches on the outdoor speakers I had prepared the night before, drilling into walls, running wire from the garage out to the patio. I had made major headway. I drilled in the speaker mounts, even connected both speakers, but was missing the final two spindles that secure the pivoting speakers. I had one for each side of each speaker but had placed the others somewhere. Somewhere amongst all the other stuff we had moved from the old house. Anyway, I decided to look for "a bag" of stuff that might contain the parts I needed. I go over to our three-drawer file cabinet and think i see something way in the back of the top drawer. While I move my arm and hand back further in the drawer WHAM!!! I hit something. It was the metal separator that was razor sharp. I pull my hand out like it has been bitten by a morray eal. I see blood but not much and think, ok, this isn't so bad, until further inspection reveals what looks like a vein or tendon popping out. So I immediately run to the front yard where Christy is outside planting flowers and say "umm, I think I need to go to the emergency room." So we do. I was in and out of Porter in about two hours. I have to admit I hate hospitals, who doesn't, but these nurses and doctors made it so pleasant that I cannot wait to return in 10 days to have the stitches removed. Thanks Porter.

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