Monday, May 9

Yardwork....what a backache!

SO, yeah, this weekend started off well. FIrst, our friend April had an art opening at this coffee house in Bonnie Brae so we thought we'd meet some friends for dinner first. Had drinks, dinner, and good conversation. Go to the photography show....way to go April!!!. The night ended rather well. Next morning, got up, and the tiller guy shows up to till the "back 40". he does, looks swell. Then Christy says, we need to get rid of the alien bush. So we start digging and digging and i even pulled down some fence and tied some rope around the trunk, hooked it up to the truck and tried pulling it out, to no ado. smoking rubber belts, anyway,to no avail. so we just kept digging and hacking into the roots with a borrowed axe thingy from Amy and Forrest. FIINNNALY after 4 hours, the alien came out! then, off to the garden store to get bricks and plants and seed for the new patio and yard. I was leaning over to put two octagon bricks into the bed of my pickup when BAM!!!!! i see stars and hear my lower back muscles just RIP!!! I almost passed out from the pain. So christy had to jump in the truck and drive me home where i just laid on the couch and bed. I am feeling so mad at myself! One, for being so humanly stupid and two, i have to watch christy do the raking and lawn stuff. She even had to put my socks on for me. I had to go into work for 1/2 day today to send some stuff to the printer, but the then came home. Sorry so long.

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