Monday, April 9

Finally, a space for all my iPods

Buy our current house...

Cuz we just bought THIS house. Signed the contract today!

Yes, finally after looking at close to 50 houses, missing out on one amazing house, we have finally put in an offer on our new home. It's a "raised ranch". That is the creative wording for a split-level. There is no snow here now, but other than that, yes, it is a bit weird on the outside but the inside is amazing. A complete remodel. 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, H-UGE backyard with covered patio, 2 car garage and much much more. Did I mention the amazing kitchen? Ok, well, more on that later.

Please tell any of your constintuents that may be in the market for a fun, hip small little city house. Thanks.


saffry said...

It's looks very nice. I like the way the roof line slopes down over the garage. And the archway for the front door is very cool too.

I've got houses on the brain, so last night I had a messed up dream where you were selling us your old house. It had a rustic log cabin interior, but was gigantic, with a wet bar in the basement, two car garage and many, many bedrooms. And lots of closets overflowing with clothes that Christy and I were playing dress-up with. Weird.

RED-I said...

Hey Gannons,

Congratulations! Looks like a great place. Can't wait to enjoy some bees knees in that back yard. Marcus

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