Thursday, April 5

Finally someone tells the truth about Apple TV

Forbes says that although the Apple TV is a slick-packaged hardback book-sized device with eye-caressing menus, it is appauling in the area of video distribution to your HDTV set. The resolution quality looks choppy and broken and the movies are expensive. They compared it to the new XBOX. While the price is higher for the XBOX, the quality puts Apple to shame.
I found this true when I went to the Apple store to witness the unveiling of Apple TV. I was amazed at how aweful the quality of the resolution on their TVs in the store. I kept thinking "there has to be a problem or interference coming from within the mall or store itself to cause this." or "Apple would never put this bad quality out for the public to see....unless they know that no matter what they put out, most geeks will snap it up anyway."

I have read other reviews that did not point any of this out. Thanks Forbes. Come on Apple!

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