Wednesday, March 14

When AdSense goes Bad

The other day I was visiting and reading one of my favorite tech/web design sites...Fusionbox. I read her site for advice and suggestions on web practices such as SEO, handling customer affairs, and general tech news. As I glanced from the main column to the right, I was shocked to see a Google adsense ad for a competed web design firm, Morey Evans. Wow, had their adsense backfired. I mean, it was not as blatant as " Look at me, use us, not the site you are currently on, we are better!" but more applicably it is like showing up at your friend's house who is also a graphic designer and dropping your business cards in other people's martinis.
--- you get the drift. I took a snapshot of the page and emailed it to Fusionbox just to let her know in case she is one of the few that does not read her own blog. I NEVER read mine, so I thought I would do the right thing. Turns out they did not know it was happening. Take care in what you wish for. Happy adsensing.

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Ivy :: Fusionbox said...

I haven't made a dime of AdSense anyway. I should just take it down.

I'm doing most of my blogging on the Fusionbox site now anyway:

Thanks for the plug!

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