Friday, January 5

Winter Weather and the endless subject: Snow

Well, I would like to approach some other topics other than snow, but for now, the snow is the bomb. Snow keeps coming down here in Denver, despite what the Farmer's Almanac and weather scientists predicted for this Rockies region.

Every year I anxiously await the arrival of the latest Almanac to give me some snow hope for the coming winter season. I rely on them to keep me informed about other parts of the country as well, like New England and the Plains. This year, they predicted we would have relatively the same weather activity as last year for both here in Denver and for New England. If you have memory of last year you will recall that NE got nailed with what we are getting this year. And last year here, we only got a few small snow storms.

Then, about 3 weeks ago, after our second minor snowfall that broke some tree limbs and caused a ruckus in various ways around town, I heard on NPR and in the news that El Nino was back and he was not going to bless us with any moisture until at least mid-February. I destinctly remember that. Well, we all know how that prediction ended.

Today we are in another Winter Storm Warning with expectations of around 1 foot of snow in the foothills (Boulder, Golden), and we could get that much but probably closer to 8 inches. I was out this morning in my boxers shoveling a place for the doggies to potty and by the time I left for work, there was already another 1/2 inch covering my work. Meanwhile, CNN ran this story yesterday about how warm it has been in NYC which has not seen a dry winter like this in over 100 years. Chicago is in the 50s and Minneapolis is cancelling their snow/ice festivals. Crazy but I love it! Glad I bought snow boots two years ago.


saffry said...

As much as you love snow, I'm not sure you'd really cut it in NE. This kind of enthusiasm just couldn't last through to the April thaw.

Although, at the rate we're going, we're never even going to get the freeze this year. It was 52 today. We've got some snow in the 10-day forecast, but only one day in the twenties, so it will probably melt right away. Nathan's going to get mad if he can't build a snowman soon.

davegannon said...

R U kidding me? I LIVED on Nantucket for two years where they called Feb-March "Hate Month." The sky was foggy or gray for months at a time and sometimes it snowed a foot or more. I also lived on the mainland for a few years in MA and loved most of that as well. People do not scare easily of the snow and weather like they do here. Here, you get an inch of snow and people call in sick, drive like they are grandparents on their way to the doctor and every weather person ends their report with "the good news is that it MAY be back up to 55 by the weekend." HA! wussys. Move back to Arizona or Texas if you can't handle the damn snow! Good luck and I hope you guys get some!

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