Sunday, January 7

How to Build a Backyard Ice Rink: Part 1

One: You've been couped up too long and get a hair-brained idea
Two: You get your wife to help dig out the snow

Three: You rake down the snow

Four: You Drag your wife and dog around in the snow

Five: You use birdseed on a card table with rope

Six: You smooth out the snow with a board, that you found in the garage

Seven You spray lots of water on the snow....
Eight: You wait until it gets colder and you add more water to the snow.
I will post the final pics once it freezes and we achieve skate quality ice.

1 comment:

saffry said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun slipping and sliding around in your yard.

Did ya check your weather forecast first though? Isn't it going to melt this week?

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