Sunday, December 10

Annual Holiday Party | 8 Miles

Saturday night we threw our Annual Christmas/Holiday/Birthday Party. It was loads of fun.
Last year's party was highlighted by my Caroler proposal . So this year I had to try and come up with something new for a surprise. So, Santa dropped by for a visit. I found him on Craigslist. If you need a Santa for a party or family visit, write me and I will refer you to him. It was fun. We did a Quizmas and gave away gifts to the right answerers. Lots of wine and beer, and an outdoor heated patio with lights. The night was gorgeous, in the mid 40's so it was comfortable to stand outside. I had 2 iPods going at the same time. One out on the patio through the rock speakers and one on the donut in the living room. We have so much wine leftover from our generous guests. Please feel free to come by for a glass, or two.

In running news, I upped the ante for my half marathon training and ran 8 miles. Up from the 6.6 I have been running for 2 weeks. That is 2 x around City Park and to my house. It was killer. The air was chilly but refreshing. I love to run when it is around 40 degrees because you get heated up but not uncomfortable even with a long sleeved wicking shirt. Just enough good old Hoobastank, Decemberists and Jimmy Eat World to haul me around the park. What really helped and if you are a semi-runner like myself, is that when the unexpected perfect song song comes on at just the right time. For me it was Carry the Zero by Built to Spill. It is not even a hardcore fast song, but it has sentimental meaning and just when I was rounding out 1/2 of the second lap, this song came on acting like a jet engine propelling me into the final stretch with ease. Happy Holidays.

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Nice job on the 8 miles. Must feel great. It's all down hill from here. When/where is our race? I need to start training?

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