Sunday, November 5

Say Hello To My Leetle Fraind.

This has been a very tough week. We got news that our Agency will be sending pink slips out to certain positions. I did not think I had anything to worry about, but they will make another round of cuts by Nov. 13. So with that hanging over my head, it was hard to concentrate or think about anything else. It will not be based on performance, but overlapping job titles. So goes the newspaper industry's decline and loss to the Web.

Second, we had a shooting next door. The man was killed. I saw it happen. I did not get a good look at the shooter, because after the three shots were fired into the guy, I was locking all the doors and dialing 911. They still do not have a suspect. It was not my neighbor, just two random drug addicts or gang members. Thanks for that, asswipes!

So, it was time to go to the mall. Christy needed to go there last night, which timed perfectly with Apple's release of the new iPod Shuffle. 1 GB - $79. Great deal! It is awesome! I mean AWE-SOME! With every release, the iPods get smaller or bigger and cooler. I have very good reason to add this iPod to the collection of iPods at our house, too. Running. Have you tried running with a regular iPod? Try an iPod video with no arm band? It is extremely cumbersome and unfun. I use mine because I am training for half marathon and need the motivation. But the weight combined with the long cord drove me nuts. So with this new addition, it will be marvelous. I can just clip it onto my jacket or shirt, press play, and take off! Bring on the Hoobastank!

Yesterday I ran 5.6 miles. A first for me. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I could have gone another mile or two. I think the bagel two hours before may have made the difference. And also frame of mind. The benefits are starting to show in both distance and my body.


Molly said...

What a shitty week!! I'm sorry... keep us posted on all counts.

The iPod looks sweeeeet, though!

lonniessiss said...

we were shitting bricks....we came home from a party, half lit, and saw, oh like 20 cop cars and a huge floodlight on your guys front lawn with a dead-body-shaped lump...Quit trying to one-up us over here, will ya!?!

Glad you are ok...
a and f

Mark K said...

That's the very definition of a bad week. Sorry to hear about the layoffs. Even if it doesn't affect your position, it's still unsettling. Then the gun shots and someone being killed?!! I'm glad you dialed 911 this time and you all are fine. You seriously need to move. When Sue reads about this, she's going to be worried sick for you two. Glad you ended it on a high note with the iPod and the long run. You didn't mention you were running FROM anyone, so I assumed you were doing it for your health. Good for you!

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