Wednesday, November 1

PREPPY, to the MAX!

Ok, so I am growning my beard....again. When I lived on Nantucket, some people I was close to said, "dave, you should grow a beard, it would be fitting.", so I did. I kept it for two years. Christy does not like my beard. Although she won't tell me to shave it. I have tried at least four times to keep it but was not in the right mood. This time, I feel it is fitting. I keep telling her that the longer I have it, the softer it will get and that soon she will cherish kissing me. Time will tell. Anyway, here is a pic my cubemate Erintook of me yesterday. I love chords. I just got these from L.L. Bean. They fit perfectly and are warm on cold days. I highly recommend picking a couple pair up for you winter wardrobe.


AllBeehive said...

You were dead sexy that day. Though I'm not sure about this finger holding trend :)

davegannon said...

thanks chris. yeah, i personally do not know what is with the finger holding. insecurity? photogenic nerves?

and mark. GQ pose? hmm, maybe, but more like, umm, hey, look at me. i have a blog. i post stuff few people read and oh yeah, i want to be an L.L Bean model.

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