Tuesday, October 10

Two in the running so far. One day to go!

Here are the contenders so far for the Starbuck's gift card. One more day, so get your entries in.
Thank you both for taking time to do this.

First we have a submission from Molly. Great job.

Second, from Beehive. This is very well done.


Molly said...

I think it's funny that we both put in the dachsund. More than that, I think it's funny that I actually wasted time on that. I must really be a coffee junkie.

AllBeehive said...

aw - i don't have yahoo so can't do it - find another way for me to win starbucks!!

signed, your mil

AllBeehive said...

I would like to plug my entry as some people who do not know you may not understand.
1) Dave has an obsession with all things Ground Hog day. (hence the ground hog in the background) He loves the movie and has been pushing for a trip to Punxsutawney next February.
2) His avatar is wearing the special Russian hat that he got in NYC.
3) Dave also loves puffy vests (and really any puffy jacket) and striped scarves.

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