Sunday, October 8

New Avatar Contest

Fellow readers.

Here is a challenge slash contest for you all.

I am having a hard time finding an avatar that really fits me.
So, the challenge is: Make me an avatar that you think best depicts me.

I think the theme should be Fall, since it is. Other than that, go for it.
The winner will get a Starbucks card filled with an amount equal to the high temperature of the day in Denver on 10/11/06 divided by how many cups of coffee I drink that day.

All entries must be received by Wednesday, Oct. 11th at 9PM MNT.

To get started, you must have a Yahoo account.
Then go to to get started.

Have fun. * serious entries only* thanks.
My current Avatar is shown above.

-Send me me jpgs of the avatar. Once you have created and saved your avatar, go to HOME. Then choose download, not export, and then send me the file. Email me if you have any questions. Thanks and let the fun begin.

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