Wednesday, October 11

Another avatar design entry-with a note.

Ok, this has to be one of the best reason's to have a blog. And this is also one of the best stories we have seen here at Gannon Central in a long time. This email comes from Sarah K. from Denver. Here is her email to Christy, and her avatar entry.

Hey Christy: First of all-hope you are well. Happy Wedding!! Congrats. Second, I have been helping Jack work on a project about bees in Denver and when I googled all bees in Denver (I forgot the space). I found your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK-so I love it. I linked to Dave's and I love it too! I have about one million things to do tonight as we are leaving for San Diego on Sat am for a week and instead I spent 2 hours reading your blogs and then-this just gets better-creating an AVATAR for Dave! I have never done that before. I have not had so much fun in ages. Bill keeps coming down to see when I am coming to bed as it is now midnight. Anyhow, I am emailing it to you. It has a halloween or should I say..halloweiner theme. I hope to talk to you soon. xx, Sarah

Thanks Sarah for your great story and avatar!

*Readers, you still have the rest of your day until 9PM (MNT) to enter your avatar.*

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Molly said...

Who won!??

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