Wednesday, October 11

We have a winner!

We had some very good entries. I truly appreciate Sarah K. for submitting her version of Dave Avatar, and the special note. I love the hallowiener depiction and scene.

But, to keep with the contest rules, reader, Molly, pulled it off. CONGRATUALTIONS for your detailed and precise avatar depiction of, well, me! I loved the shoes, the shirt and really felt the tight pants were an accurate representation of my apparel daily choice.Molly wins(*) a $21 Dollar Starbucks Gift Card ( 62 temp high for Denver, divided by 3 cups of coffee = $21) to be spent at any of the gazillion Starbuck's coffee shops in Denver or beyond.

Christy was a close second with her dead-ringer depiction of Dave Avatar, but I think that she had the inside advantage...sleeping with the contest host. The puffy vest, scarf and facial expression was a beautiful match. Good job.

Thank you to all that participated. I am already drumming up anothe contest which is sure to inspire and provoke my readers.

(*) Molly, please email me your home address.


Molly said...

My favorite part is that your hand's on your hip. HA!

I don't think I can accept the prize, but you're awful nice to offer. ;)

davegannon said...

What? you won fair and square! You deserve it. This is fun though, huh? Now send me your address.

AllBeehive said...

Forget the address, let's invite Molly over!

allbeejunior said...

Yoon Mi and I wanted to see all the entries that were mailed in. We would have liked to have made our own decision..

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