Friday, September 22

No, I'm not giving you the eye.

I have had a twitching left eye for the past week and it is driving me crazy. You know, you randomly have this but it goes away after a few minutes, but this one is lasting too long. It is annoying and I get worried that someone I may be talking to thinks I am umm, like hitting on them, or a total psycho. Well, i did a quick Google search and found out that it is quite natural and there is one basic cause and one basic cure. Stress, and relaxation. I guess I feel sort of stressed, but really do not know why. So now I have to administer more relaxation into my daily diet. I wonder if pumpkin beer would help?

The link above provides a thorough analysis and direct explanation of this condition.


AllBeehive said...

We've only been married 6 weeks, and here you are winking at all the ladies DG! That's it, today at lunch I'm going to go get "how to please your man - and keep him occupied"

davegannon said...

6 weeks, and I am stressed about being married? ouch. you may have something there. now, when i come home, my wife says " i'm tired and it is your husbandly duty to rub my feet", when it used to be, "where were you!?" why doesn't anyone tell you this stuff BEFORE you get married. payback, i assume.

davegannon said...

cyn, it could be the new building and all the new plastics and carpet., but i think it is stress. probably easier to deal with than plastics. thanks.

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