Sunday, September 24

Happy Birthday, Christy Gannon

Today was Christy's bday. We started out the day with this beautfiul german apple pancake that she whipped up. No small feat and it was delicious. Then she opened her gifts. Then we grabbed the dogs and heading up into the mountains to do a coloradan's version of tree peeping. Not quite the same views as New Englanders experience but this was delightful. Last night we had dinner at Fontana's sushi with Jeff, Cynthia and family. It was scrumptious. They also snuck in carrot cake muffins too, made by cyn. LLLLLLOVE them! I will post more picture highlights on flickr later. For now here are some highlights.

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davegannon said...

thanks girl. we still have a present for you from Alaska. I try to stop by and no one is there. call me or come over soon.
hope all is well over there.

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