Monday, September 25


Dear Blogger,

Please get your sh** together, or stop growing so fast. Please provide your millions of bloggers software that actually works, or we will take our business elsewhere. Thanks. Dave

I have been trying to post pics for two days now, but blogger won't let me.


saffry said...

Hmmm, I almost couldn't post a comment because the window wasn't popping up.

Wouldn't you love to be able to catagorize things? I see that on other blogs, and there are apparently ways to do it on blogger. But that involves 3rd party software and stuff that's way too far over this non-techie's head.

AllBeehive said...

Stop beeeatching and start posting again!

davegannon said...

hi saffry, yeah, sorry about that. thanks for writing and reading. i am not sure what you mean by categorizing, but if you mean setting up headers and links to other stuff, you can do that on BLogger through the TEMPLATE. ask more and i can show you. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer of help with the blog. But I just switched to their Blogger Beta yesterday it it has the Label function I was looking for. Yay!

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