Sunday, July 9

Rain, rain everywhere and not a drop to drink

It is July 8 and it is raining.This may sound trivial and uneventful, but it is July and it is raining. Not just, "oh, it is raining right now, but in 15 minutes it will be dry and the sun will be out." It has been raining on and off for the entire weekend. Right now, I am sitting out on our covered patio watching the rain come down in light sheets. It has been this way since at least 6:00 a.m. and it is 10:00 am right now. The birds don't seem to mind. Either do the squirrels. I just fed them both and everyone seems to be unfeathered by the consistent wetness coming down. The finches are enjoying their new feeder that we got last night from the Wild Bird Store. We also found out that the hummingbirds are not due to arrive here in the City until late July. She said somewhere around the 21st of July we should start seeing them. We have to attract them with as much color as possible. Our neighborhood is full of color, but I think she meant colorful flowers. Oh. So the hummingbird feeder is red but we need to put it closer to the colorful flowers. So I am enlisting christy to plant another few pots of flowers to help draw them in.

Smoking ban report Update: Last night we met up with erica and jeff at this new place in Stapleton, Carey's. It's an "Irish Pub". Some crazy people went outside twice to smoke, one had to bum a butt from a hispanic man working in the kitchen. Other than that, it was smoke free. We then headed over to the true test of the ban, Thin Man. Oh yes, completely smoke-free. It was so awesome. This morning when I woke up, my hair did not smell and my face did not feel like it had absorbed two packs of Marlboro Lights. Yes!

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