Friday, April 28

Riding the bus in the rain

Do you like rain? I do. MOST of the time. Especially when it does not come on certain big days. A wedding. A long-planned BBQ. A rush-hour drive. But for the most part, I love rain. It cleanses. It enriches. It gives life to flowers and shrubs and thirsty grass.

I like rain, especially on days like today. I awoke to the sound of big drops hitting the awnings over the windows. A look outside brought a fresh, clean perspective on the day. I am not sure why, but I love driving, or better, riding the bus in the rain. It is a new found love, and I am not sure exactly why I like it so much, but it may have something to do with story I heard on NPR while driving to work one day about 5 years ago. It was talking about the impact of Microsoft's stock, making young people millionaires and the people that witness this but are not a part of this fortunate scenario. They were interviewing a woman who was describing mornings now, as compared to "then", when she drops off her elementary school kids and sees Volvos, BMWs, Lexus and other fancy cars driven by "just-out-of college"-looking young women. In my mind I was imagining a day, just like today, where it was not cold, but not a warm rain coming down gently, cleaning the dusty cars, houses, trees, and traffic lights, people of every class, waking up, smelling the rain, feeling it's rejuvanation, hopping in their whatever car and driving the kids to school. I must stop drinking so much cough syrup in the mornings.

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AllBeehive said...

Dude, you just like Fridays. TGIF, now leave work and let's go to a movie.

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