Monday, April 24

Hail Yeah...Yeah Yeahs!

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent 6 hours doing yard work. It was awesome but tiring. I planted two Forsythia - Sunrises, some tall pocket blue grass, a beautiful 2.5' tall Lilac bush and a few others, oh, and a dwarf spruce tree. It was fun until the hail came in. Two rounds. Christy had just gotten home from a baby scrapbooking shower, and started planting bulbs. She got all 50 of them in just as it started to pour down hail. We quickly grabbed all the lawn furniture, chairs, tables, even used the wheel barrow to cover the boxwoods. I think we made it though without losing any new foliage.

And here are some pics from the awesome Yeah Yeah Yeahs show Friday night. It was a busy weekend. We had the Mask Gala on Saturday night too. Good food, drinks and that was about it. I have two masks in the auction. My Baby Face has two bids up to $100 bucks. Go Baby!

My boss getting close to my fiance.

Karen O and gang.

Karen O and her classic pose.

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