Tuesday, January 31

Roller Boogie: Past and Present

In 7th grade, my grandparents took me rollerskating because my sister was going with some of her friends. I instantly fell in love with falling on my butt and creeping around the rink at a snail's pace. But then I cleaned out our basement, bought some skates from a guy at the rink, and went crazy! I spent hours and hours down there teaching myself how to skate forwards, crossing legs, then backwards, crossing legs. Then slowly I became more comfortable and began spinning and even jumping.
I would go to the rink in blizzards, walking with my best friend, dedma. we would even do all-night skates for charity and for fun. I think at the height of my "career" skating, i was going three times a week. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. It was awesome. Then came Roller Boogie! It had Linda Blair as a rich girl suppressed by here parents and a young professional skater on the boardwalk. Anyway cheesy fun show that came out at just the right time.

So going through my movies a few years ago, I realized I wanted that on DVD. I owned the VHS which, I just got probably 5 years ago. I have only watched it a few times but never expected to get it on DVD until the other day when one of my movie aficianado co-workers and I were talking about putting VHS on DVD. I decided to look it up for fun and BOOM! there it was, out on DVD, so I just had to have it for my collection. I also found The Chase with Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson, which I had been looking for on DVD for years. Fun stuff.

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