Monday, January 30

I wish

I could make my blog more like dooce.
On Friday, I went to the gym ( YMCA) to take the RMR test to find out what my resting metabolic rate is. it is 197. This means that based upon my weight, height, build, the way I breathe, my body burns 1970 calories per day with little or no activity. In order for me to lose my target of 10 pounds to my goal weight of 185, I have to eat 1826 calories to lose the weight in 4 months. If i want to work out and lose the weight, i can eat at total of 1956 calories. This number seems low to me. I thought the average for a male was over 2000. Dang, this explains why I have to work so hard to lose weight. At the beginning of November, i was down to 190. after Christmas, say jan 15, I was back up to 196 but still down from te 206 I started the gym at last year. So, now with this ammo, I can hopefully start to drop weight. It won't be easy, but I can do it. and WILL do it.

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