Tuesday, September 6

Labor Day Weekend :: Gas is $3.00 to $3.39/gallon

First of all, please donate anything you can towards the displaced and unfortunate refugees of Louisianna, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Second, it was a busy weekend. First we went Volvo shopping to no avail, then started scraping paint in the bathroom. Then Sunday we went with Jay and Kim and Lori for a hike at Brainerd Lake's Blue Lake trail. According to Jay's trusty Garmin, we went about 3 miles up and then back. It took about 2:45 hours to do it round trip. It was gorgeous. I paid $3.00 for gas. That equates to about $43.00 to fill the tank. O boy!

The Monday we really went to town on the bathroom. It was back-breaking work. We discovered that there was lead paint under the latex. The latex topcoat was peeling off by the sheet but it took a good 3 hours of scraping, sanding and more chiseling to get most of it off. Come to find out, the previous previous owners had painted the entire damn bathroom pink. Ceilings and trim included. So to make a 2 hour task take 6 hours, we are almost finished with the bathroom, in new, Benjamin Moore Georgian Green. Here are highlights. Before and After.

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