Friday, September 2

Go figure....

Fema Story


here we go, and let the comments begin, but, I am sorry, yes, the gov't is sending money and yes Bush has made an "appearance" but why are there excuses running around saying " well, we weren't prepared for SUCH a disaster" or "funds will be diverted to help these refugees, but it will take some time." Come on! This was bound to happen and after reading this article, it is apparent again, that more money needs to be spent at home, rather than in Iraq.

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misspelledyoth said...

Spend at home.

We keep hearing about 'protecting americans' and 'saving American lives.'

Well, I'm fairly certain if we diverted some ducets to the poor, sick and elderly in this country we'd save way more lives than taking over a country.

If a body count is the mark of success, then spending cash in Detroit, Appalachia and, well, the entire South will be far more effective in saving lives than shipping freakin' a trillion dollars worth of hardware to Iraq.

Oh, and getting soldiers killed, btw. You know, your neighbors and all.

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